Repurchase of investment silver

SILVERUM s.r.o. offers an easy repurchase system without problems, from its customers. The coins and ingots are valued at the present market value. Repurchase is guaranteed on all silver purchase from SILVERUM s.r.o. This above standard service makes this company’s offer very attractive. Silver from becomes an ideal choice for qualified investors.

Actual repurchase price for SILVER:
American Silver Eagle 1 oz coins (upto 100 oz in sum): spot + 2.5% without VAT
Other coins, bars (upto 100 oz in sum): spot without VAT
Actual repurchase price for 100 oz bars and large quantities (above 100 oz in sum): spot - 7% without VAT
Actual spot price: here

Actual repurchase price for GOLD: spot
Actual spot price: here

Conditions of repurchase
For the quoted price we repurchase only own and undamaged goods. Investment silver which does not meet the two above mentioned conditions will be individually valued and its repurchase is not guaranteed. We do not repurchase non investment silver.

Send the coins or ingots as a recorded delivery to our address: SILVERUM s.r.o., P.O.BOX 7, 320 00 Plzeň, Czech Republic
. You cannot use a collection service. Enclose a copy of your invoice and if necessary state your personal details, telephone and bank account for payment.
After receipt of goods we will contact you. After agreement of transaction, you will be sent a purchase contract via email. The most important is the purchase price on the date of receipt of goods not the date of postage. We will send the appropriate amount to your account within 10 days of signing. In case of a larger sale, the price and conditions of payment will be agreed individually. We resolve large sales in co-operation with our foreign contractual partners.